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Monte Fresco Cheese may be a relatively new player in the world of cheese, founded in August 2015, but their heritage is as rich and full to the brim as their signature Gold Medal award winning ricotta and the half a century of consistently recognised experience in the Australian cheese making industry.


Sam Montalto is the man behind the Monte Fresco Cheese brand, and alongside him is a family of hugely dedicated, incredibly skilled cheese artisans, honing and perfecting their skills for five decades.


By the time Sam arrived in Australia as an 18 month old infant, his father Salvatore had forged a reputation in Australia as a cheese artisan of excellent reputation in cheese manufacturing.


All Salvatore had learned from his grandfather in Sicily, Italy, was then delivered to an unsuspecting but hungry Australian market when he started working at Brancourts, offering to show off his skills to make ricotta cheese, which was met with a quizzical: “What’s ricotta?”


Since then, the Montalto name has been a stayer in the fickle food world, consistently delivering world class cheeses, which have won several gold medal awards at the Sydney Royal Easter Show each time they have entered, and always with their star product, ricotta. They have gone on to make a huge variety of highly sought cheeses - from caciotta, to farm cheese, to feta and haloumi - but it’s their ricotta people continue to clamour for.


Only a few months into business as Monte Fresco Cheese, they entered their ricotta into the Sydney Royal Easter Show - and won! GOLD! Such is the testament of the superior quality and artisan approach of the brand.


To see the full range of cheese at Monte Fresco Cheese, simply click here.


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